Monday, January 30, 2012

Daughter Of A Queen!

The 3 things I am grateful for this week:-My momma for everything she does for me!
-My roommates for all the laughter and easygoing atmosphere!
-The Apostles, specifically Holland for his testimony!

So I am going off script today a bit! It is my mothers 48th birthday and want to dedicate this entry to her!

     To really show our relationship I'll back up a bit!
     So I grew up in a non-lds home, but I still went to church and achievement days/young womens every week with my cousins. My mom and dad were both inactive after their divorce and I was born only 6 weeks after, so I never had that influence. Long story short it was difficult at times. My mom was never really against the church, but at times she certainly wasn't for it! However, times, luckily have changed!!!!
     It first started with conference. I was watching the Saturday sesson in the livingroom, while my mom was cleaning the kitchen. Randomly she just came and sat down by me during one of the talks. We didn't say anything, just sat and listened. And then when the talk was over she carried on. Nothing drastic, but it felt so good! Who would've guess that that would be the start of my mom coming back to the church.
     Then one Sunday, that I am so beyond thankful for, I went to church like normal. But came home after sacrament, balling. I remember feeling left out somehow, like I didn't have friends at church and felt really alone so I walked home in tears. I came rushing inside and my mom was in her room and just hugs me! She is beyond worried, but just lets me sob for a while. When I catch my breath I explain what I was feeling and her heart just broke. She promised me, from that day on, she would then just attend sacrament meeting with me so that I didn't feel so alone!! Great mom right?! Doing something she hated for my sake!
     The first month she would bring some other things to keep her attention on and rush out so nobody would talk her into staying hahaha. But slowly she couldn't help but listen to the speakers! I soon found her taking notes and looking up scriptures that were shared, in my book of mormon. One day she was flipping around in Alma and came across my mission scripture Alma 26:27 and written next to it, in big, bolded letters was written, MY MISSION SCRIPTURE. She asked me if I was going to go on a mission, and I said yes! She was surprised, but kept on her way. To my surprise she was growing in testimony all this time. She started praying again and going to sunday school. She still wouldn't go to relief society however hahaha, but beggers cant be choosers.
     Fastforward to now, mom has become a full fledged member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! She lives in Arizona, holds a worthy temple recommend and often serves in the Mesa, Arizona Temple!! She is amazing to me and just proves that the Atonement works and Repentance is real! She shows to everyone that no matter how lost you get, you can always find your way back!

     I cannot express how grateful I am for the life I have lived! Everything, every hard time, every disappointment or pain was all worth it! Now my mom and I have true joy and peace that comes with knowing about where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going! We get to live each day to the fullest knowing the great plan that we are apart of! We do have more people to bring to the gospel and all it's happiness! But as for right now, I couldn't be more grateful for my mom! For the strength she had to admit her mistakes, use Christ's Atonement, and become the person she knew she was created to be! I follow her example and grow by her testimony! I wouldn't be who I am without her and cant even imagine this life without her. I use to wonder why I was sent to the family I was. And now would hate to be anywhere else! Heavenly Father sure knows what He is doing up there! And I have so much trust in Him and faith that everything will be okay!!!
     This church is true!

Love always,
Daughter of a Queen!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Am I Lucky? Nahh... I'm Blessed!!!

     Well hello again!
     I sadly did not write last Sunday like I wanted to! Exactly why I even have this blog is to stop me from being so busy that I cant see all my blessings! So tonight, I will share my thoughts on the past two weeks, before anything else can distract me!
     3 Things:
1- My health!
2- Past and future opportunites!
3- Knowledge!

     So my entry this week is all about those 3 things! First with my blessing of health! Last Monday, the 9th I was sitting in my Chemistry class, only to find out the poor gentleman sitting next to me suffers from an illness called Turrets Syndrome (TS). It is a disorder of the nervous system that causes involuntary unwanted movements or noises. This sweet guy couldn't help but to convulse a few times every minute for it was beyond his control. I completely zoned out of the lesson for the rest of class and was really lost in thought. I thought about him and how really sad that must be, and how lucky I am to be so healthy. I mean I dont love every part of my body..(I am after a girl and that's what we do!)..But I have one that lets me do all that  I want to. I dont have it holding me back in anyway! I am so grateful for my body and have never felt so blessed!
     I'll need to give background for this one. In the summer of 2011 I went to Kiamuri, Kenya and served there with an organization called Youthlinc. It was and probably will forever be the best experience of my life. I have recently been thinking about the Kenyans I met and am still filled with so much gratitude that me, a  normal girl from Utah, could venture out to AFRICA, and spend the summer building schools and water towers, teaching a variety of lessons and amazingly help in a delivery of a tiny baby girl weighing 4 pounds. So this week, just a few days ago actually, I applied for a program called HELP International. I am looking to again have another once in a lifetime opportunity! I share this just because so many people think they cant make a difference. I'm sure you are thinking, I can never make a 'real' difference! But you guys, you really can!! If you seek Heavenly Father, and tell Him you have a desire to change this world for the better! That you want to leave this existence in better shape then you found it, He will let you! I know that it's true because it worked for me and He is still providing me with great ways to make a difference!

    Sorry this is so long! I just have so much to express!
     Lastly, knowledge!! I am currently taking thee 2 hardest classes I have ever taken in my life!! One of which is Biology 2320 aka Human Anatomy aka stress case galore!! But I find myself looking at it in a spiritual sense! Not only am I realizing how complicated our bodies really are, but as well that indiviually we all are our own masterpiece! And we dont even realize how many details Heavenly Father put into us as His creations! Next time you look in the mirror, remember that you are made up of so many things besides flesh! You have bones, organs, a heart, a brain, lungs, veins, cells, all throughout you! Heavenly Father gave us all a masterpeice of our very own and we hardly see how lucky we are!!! Knowledge of my creator, His plan for me, and my true worth has no pricetag and for that I become so humble in gratitude I'm overwhelmed!
     My Heavenly Father loves me and knows me. My Heavenly Father also knows you and loves you, whether you know it or not! I hope you do know that and if you want to find out, close your eyes and talk to Him! He's more than willing to let you know He is there and He is looking out for you!

Love always,
Healthy Happy Blogger :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The little things!

     The 3 things I am grateful for this week:I am so grateful for my oldest sister Kim! Not to sound cliche, but I am so grateful for the scriptures, specifically the Book of Mormon and even more specifically the book of Alma! And lastly, I am very grateful for laughter (I'll explain haha).
-My big sis Kim! Wow, she has been the biggest 'burden lifter' ever and she probably doesn't even know it. She has promised to take me in this summer and make me apart of her family, seeing as I have no where else really to go. She has helped me feel so much comfort with the move and excitement instead of doubt.
-The Book of Mormon. This is an obvious! But it provides me with great direction, comfort, and lets me see the bigger picture everytime I read from it's pages!
-Now laughter, haha! Weird to say, I know. However, laughter always puts my worries on the back burner. Laughing gives me hope and is heaven sent :)!

     So this week was filled with a lot of little things that caught my eye! In trying to point out things daily that Heavenly Father has helped me with or prevented, I saw things I dont think I would have noticed on a regular basis.

     It is sad to admit this, but Thursday, around 5 or so I lit a candle. I wanted warmth and a good smell in the apartment and did so without question. Well the night goes on, I go to the basketball game, hangout with friends, only to come home to that candle still flickering in the kitchen!! Yeah, I know, dumb move on my part! Some may say that it was really just luck, but with this new outlook on life... I know very different! Heavenly Father definitely prevented my apartment from going up in flames that night!
     Okay, so I cant remember what day it was, but I was kinda bored with reading the scriptures so I watched a talk from Elder Uchtdorf, one of my favorite apostles of all time haha. It was the one just from October last year called, Forget Me Not! And I learned something so great!! He named off 5 things we should do and one was meant for me! It was to, "Be happy now, and not happy when..!" Amen!! I find myself all the time saying, I'll be happy when the weather is better, or when school is done, or when I'm on my mission, or when I'm married! Constantly figuring that right now isn't good enough to be happy, but that I'll be happy 'when'! And that is changing now! I will be happy through the journey and not just at pit stops along the way!
     I did see a few more things through this week and promise that Heavenly Father is aware of us daily. He is sending things our way constantly and I'm glad I can step back and see them!

     Oh and I decided I'd write every Sunday :)

Love always,
Private Eye!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Entry!

     So here is my first entry! I am writing this blog to get myself to "Recognize His Hand In All Things." It will ential things I learn, things I'm grateful for, answered prayers, cool experiences, etc. I am really starting this for my own sake, so if I am ever "down" I can come back and read this and know I have a loving Heavenly Father helping me through this journey. I'll start by telling you a bit about me, a bio if you will. Well I live in Utah! We came here from California after my parents divorce, just my mom, my older sister and me. I was about 5 and we've lived here ever since! More recently, this last April my mom lost her job and she relocated to Arizona. I then moved in with my grandparents to finish out my senior year. Then moved again in the fall to attend college at Utah State University. And that is where life has taken me thus far. I am 18, I am studying nursing and will one day be a NICU nurse! Hopefully that paints a picture of me :)

      Now to start my gratitude/spiritual/church blog...
The 3 things I am grateful for: (will start with this from now on)
Today and everyday I am grateful for my mom. I am beyond grateful for my siblings. And I am so grateful for the church I belong to, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
-I just got home from visiting my mom in Arizona for the holidays. This is the first time I have seen her, excluding Thanksgiving, since I graduated from high school in June. I appreciate her so much more now, just like everyone said I would haha. Her and I are the only members of the LDS church in our family so we are really close. She has done so much for me and continues to look out for my best interest.
-I am also close with my siblings, we have been through a lot and I couldn't have survived with out them.
-My church! I know of a surety it is the only true church, I know Joseph Smith restored it, I know the Book of Mormon is true and is another testament of Jesus Christ, and I know if anyone ever wants to know the truth for themself, our Heavenly Father will always answer our prayers, in one way or another.
     So that was my gratefulness speech, I'll start off with 3 things I am grateful for but only occasionally elaborate on why. Then I'll write about the blessings I saw in my life that day, week, etc. which is the main point of this blog.

     Well this will be short seeing as my first entry is already really long haha. But quickly, I just want to say I really felt the Holy Ghost this Christmas. I felt my Heavenly Fathers love and support in the direction I am heading with my life.

     I had a cool experience a few nights ago. I was really scared about a lot of things. I was scared about college and my new classes, scared about money and how I am going to make ends meet, scared about this summer and where I am going to live, and it can go on. I said a prayer that I could feel more comfort about life and listed all that I was scared about. I told Him how worried I was with life and asked for help. I then read my scriptures for that night and didn't really feel better about my situation. But I was determined to find an answer, so I picked up the book, "Created For Better Things" by Jeffrey R Holland. As I was reading I was tearing up, just kinda being overwhelmed. And then finally turn to a page that reads,
    "God expects you to have enough faith and enough trust
      in Him to keep moving, keep living, keep rejoicing.
        In fact, He expects you not simply to face the
     future (that sounds pretty grim and stoic); He expects
       you to embrace and shape the future-to love it and
        rejoice in it and delight in your opportunities."

     Answered prayer? YES! I am so thankful for the apostles and their amazing words! I received an overwhelming feeling of peace because it taught me to look to the future with faith, NOT fear! And to delight in my opportunity to learn and grow by WHATEVER it holds!

     So that is it for my first entry!!! Haven't created a schedule of writing yet, but hopefully once a week :)

Love always,