Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am grateful for:-College
-The Holy Ghost

     I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost! On Monday I was looking back at my week and realized how unproductive and crummy it was. I kept thinking why? What made that week so awful, as to not let that happen again this next week! After pondering it a while I realized I never went to the gym... That was the only thing out of the normal schedule that didn't happen! So following that prompting I made sure I would go after my last class. When I came home after the gym, I was feeling great! That's how anyone would feel! But then I miraculously made thee most perfect list for that night so I could get things done! Also made a list for what I would then need to do tomorrow! And by 8:30 all of my homework was done, all that I needed to do was done, and I was looking at a great relaxing evening! Now this is a strange thing to be grateful for! However, I feel like if I wouldn't have been prompted to go to the gym (or even just pondering on my crummy week) and pump some iron haha, then I wouldn't have been so productive and enjoyed a great evening with my roommates! I also realized that I need to take care of my body more and it will take care of me haha!
     Also on Monday I had a test for Chemistry! I was so worried about it all weekend. Not knowing what to study, what I would need to have memorized or anything like that! I made some flashcards to help me a bit and prayed that I would be prepared for the exam and be able to represent all that I've learned through it! I get to class and am about to take the test, going through my flashcards, seriously panicing if this is going to ruin my grade! I get the test and holy crap!!! Practically everything I studied was like word for word the first half of the test! Took a second to say a quick prayer being ohhh so thankful that I at least wouldn't fail this test! After finishing I go back to the questions I * (stared)! <I star all the questions I am not positive about so I can have a second look when I am done.> And to my surprise only 3 are stared!! And today I got my score back... 91%!!! My my how the Lord is on my side!! He definitely wants me to be a nurse haha! I realized I HAVE to do my best, that is a must! And that if I do He WILL do the rest! I need more faith :)!
     Anyway that was just these first two days! I can tell this week is going to be a lot better!! If you want a better week pray for the Holy Ghost and Faith to look at every challenge or opportunity with hope!!
Love always,
Fitness Fighting Failure

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! :)I hope all of you have somebody to love today and know that you ALWAYS have someone to love you! I want to share with you how I have felt love in my life and hopefully it can give you comfort on this, singles awareness day haha!!

Well just one day I realized I hadn't talked to my family in a while and that I really missed them! And I tried calling a few people, but nobody really had time to talk so I stopped. I got a little sad and prayed for some extra comfort because I was missing everybody so much!
I went to bed that night and woke up the next morning to 2 voxers from my cousin!! (Voxers are like voicemails FYI haha!) I guess my cousin Sariah had gotten bored and so "voxered" me and was saying that I needed to come visit and see all of them! And she put my baby cousin on and she said that she loves me! It seriously was the littlest thing ever that made me so beyond happy!!

I may not have a "significant other" hahahaha but I am still so very very loved!! I am grateful that I know love is real and that it comes in all different shapes and sizes! That their are many types of love, but all stem from Christ's example of love!! I love myself, I love my family, I love my life, I love my Savior, I love my Heavenly Father, AND I love you!!! Seriously, you! Yes you!! :)
Have a great Valentines day, a great month and a great year! Remember that I love you, He loves you, and that you will one day, if not already, find someone who loves you beyond explanation!!

Love always,
Cupid ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So this week was filled with so many blessings, as every week always is! But one very special one happened on Sunday!...
     Sunday: Fast Sunday! I was fasting for help to know if moving to California was the right thing to do this summer! When I was first thinking about the move I felt like it was so right! Everything was falling together nicely so I assumed it was because it was meant to be! But then 4 nights in a row I was having nightmares and they all revolved around me living in California! One was me fighting with the family there, one was that I ran away and was homeless haha! So obviously I got worried! And that is when I realized I never really asked my Heavenly Father if it was the right thing! So on Sunday I fasted to know!
     Fast and Testimony Meeting: Sitting by my roommates listening to the great testimonies. Then a girl got up and was talking about how she use to live far away from the temple! How she is shocked to be able to walk to a temple here in Utah and then challenged us to live somewhere where you are far from a temple! So that you can really appreciate it more! --- Was that it?! I said to myself haha was that the answer to my prayer? To live somewhere where the temple isn't in close proximity? I think so, but it gets even better!
     Then another girl gets up and talks about how she doesn't have a 5 year plan. She was saying that she was so worried because everyone else kind of has a 5 year plan for their life and she didn't. So she prayed about it one night and realized that any plan that goes along with the Plan of Salvation and is focused on Christ is the right plan! --- And right when she's saying this I was pondering my neice Madison and how much fun it really would be living with her! And that was all I needed :)!
      I now KNOW this move is whats right for me! I think that maybe those scary dreams were to help me rely on the Lord more and maybe just prepare me incase something does go wrong, like a fight or something, that I can be a peacemaker and not let my nightmares come true! I know fasting works and that Heavenly Father is in control, that He knows what He's doing, and that He will us guide if we are seeking His guidance!

I am very grateful for this experience and my testimony has grown so strong and firm! Especially when it comes to prayer and fasting! If any of you have doubts on those subjects, feel free to talk to me! Haha because I know WITHOUT A SINGLE DOUBT that prayer and fasting are real and they work :)!!

Love Always,
Fasting Freshman