Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Future Blessings

So you know how this whole blog has been about how grateful I am for all the blessings I receive?.. Well I thought I'd switch it up! This entry is dedicated to future blessings I will can receive if I remain true and faithful!
     First... One day I will be blessed to be sealed in the temple to a loving companion for time and all eternity! I have thought about this a TON lately since my bestest friend Whitney just got engaged and my oldest sister Kim just got married!! To me marriage is so much more than a ring on your finger or a live in male roommate. It is a bond, an infinite bond made between husband and wife to always be there for eachother no matter the circumstances. To cherish, protect, love, nuture, and encourage eachother! I come from divorced parents and so I have seen first hand the toll it takes when bonds are broken! But I know, if I live righteously and worthily, I will meet my husband when the time is right! And it will be me, him, our children and heavenly father against the world! And we will be together forever! And I am so grateful for that knowledge and the opportunity!
     And second... General Conference! It will be here in 4 days and I am so utterly excited! I am so grateful for those who have been preparing to speak, for all their dedication in bringing forth words of wisdom meant for our time! I am so grateful that I have friends inviting me to come and watch it at their home since I have no where to watch it haha! I am so grateful for the time I am blessed to live at, that I have the church restored and apostles and prophets telling me what to do better at and teaching me how to get to the Celestial Kingdom! I simply just get so excited about conference! It's a huge opportunity to get advice specific for todays world and todays challenges. It helps me to know that God loves us just as much as he did all the prophets of old like Nephi and Isaiah. That He is still speaking to us and guiding His church!!

     I am grateful for so many things in my life! And am so happy to realize how grateful I am for blessings I haven't even received yet!! I love this gospel, I would be so lost without it and take so much comfort in all it teaches! I am so excited to one day serve a mission for the LDS church and spread this knowledge to everyone around me! I love my Heavenly Father and all the general authorities and look forward to their wonderful messages!
Love always,
Already Grateful :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Temple!

Today's Gratitude Thought:     Alright, time to be real! So every month I make a few church type goals for myself. They are usually about scripture study, the temple and then a random one that I feel I need to work better at. And I have been doing this for a while now, but recently have been slacking on the temple goal. I am sad to admit it, but I hadn't been to the temple in over a month... And it's really sad because in the beginning of the year I went once I week! I was homesick and it always made me feel better and now that I am not so homesick I am not going as often!! So I stepped up my game!

     Today I went to the temple... Finally!!! It wasn't really busy so I was flying through. After I did baptisms I was waiting for an available shower. It's hard to explain... But the girl I was waiting on didn't know I was waiting, so I was standing there for a bit really cold since I was all wet from the baptisms haha! And it made me think how people in the spirit world are just like me! They just sit there in awful circumstances, freezing cold (metaphorically), waiting to be in a better place! They are waiting for us to do their work!! And until we realize that, they are stuck! We have the privilege to help those who have already passed on! And it should be our duty to give them our time and service!
     I dont know if anyone reads this blog haha, but to my future self if I ever read this, go to the temple!!!! So many people are waiting for you to do what they cannot do! There is nothing better you could do! I love the temple, I have missed it soooo much!! I am grateful to have one so near! I realize my duty to my brothers and sisters on the other side and am so happy and grateful to help them in every way I can!!

Love always,
Temple Taylor :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Worth It!

Holy cow!!! I am a slacker! Only the third month and I completely spaced on this blog!! One because spring break made me way lazy and the other because I simply forgot! But I am going to make up for it! This blog makes me happy because I get to put into words all that I am grateful for! So I need to recap for this month and all the blessings I have received!I will write 2 more this week to catch up :)

For today:
     A couple of Sundays ago someone either said in a talk or lesson that we need to look past our current trails! To really see beyond the pain we feel right now and look to the future! It made me realize my struggles with school, as in my classes, getting good grades, money, and just where to go, it's all going to be worth it. It got me to also stop complaining about its difficulty! No I wont be necessarily happy with the hard things like huge exams, but complaining belittles the great work I will be able to do because of them! I hope that makes sense haha! Just that all the stress in my life because of school will ultimately give me what I want! To have a career and one that I absolutely love! I will be so grateful for schooling when I get there, for all I have learned so I can best serve in my job! So for right now I am gonna put on a brave face, take what comes to me and know that it is worth it! And this couldn't have come at a better time!!!

You'll hear from me again in a couple of days haha :)
Love always,
Future NICU Nurse