Sunday, June 24, 2012

Infinite in Power!

     So just like I said last time, The Infinite Atonement by Tad Callister, is thee best book ever! I have a ton I'd love to share, but you just need to read it yourself haha! You'll get so much more out of it! But after reading a few more chapters, I have to share one thing!

     In a few nearby chapters Tad explains how infinite the atonement is. How it is infinite in time, divineness, and my favorite, power!! Now this is gonna be nice and short and very sweet!!! Because I would like whoever reads this, to concentrate on this one thing! It's amazing and mind expanding and to spend a day just pondering this one concept could strengthen your faith, as it did mine!
     So you know how people say the ironic statement of, the more you use something the more it grows! For example, your testimony or love or knowledge. That the more you use it or say it, the stronger and bigger it gets! Well Tad says it's the same with powers!
     Then perhaps the power it took Christ to endure the Garden of Gethsemane, the sins of every single person. Perhaps all that agony and strength to get through that, may be the exact way Christ had the power necessary to break the bonds of death!
     I wish I could explain it as good as he did, but I am trying to really just summarize it in a few sentences!
     I am so grateful Christ endured the Garden and has the power to resurrect us all! He loves us and wouldn't have done all this if He didn't! He has made the sacrifice, all we need to do is use it!!

     I am obsessed with this book! It's amazing and mind boggling! I am so grateful for all that I am learning and love sharing it!

Love always,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Book Ever!

     I am so grateful for wonderful authors, LDS or not, that explain gospel principles so wonderfully! In the beginning of June I started reading, The Infinite Atonement by Tad Callister! It is insane how wonderful this book is and how much I have learned from it! I am sure that my next few entries, or until I finish reading it, will all be dedicated to this magnificent book! I will talk about what I have learned so far!

     Alrighty, so I suggest you read this book because once again, I wont give it justice! (I got it for $20 off of Amazon, just FYI) Well a couple chapters in it talks about how you must understand the Fall of Adam before you can really comprehend and appreciate the Atonement. So then it goes on to talk about the fall and how it was meant to happen! Well my testimony got strengthened so much, like it's crazy strong now haha! So we, as the LDS church, believe the Fall of Adam was meant to happen, that it wasn't a mistake. While most other religions believe it was a mistake and that we are all punished for it! But Tad Callister points out the scripture, Genesis 2: 17 that says....
    (Heavenly Father talking about the tree of knowledge of good and evil)- "In the day thou eatest thou shalt surely die!"
     Which proves we've got it right! Heavenly Father doesn't say "If thou eatest!" No He says, "In the day thou eatest!" Heavenly Father knew it would happen because it is a weakness of the flesh! It was apart of the plan, so we could all be brought into mortality to progress!
     So that proved to me again that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the one and only true church of God!

     So that is just a pinch of what I have learned so far! It's been amazing to read and learn so much about the greatest event to ever take place on this planet!! I suggest you all read it and then give it to someone else to read after haha!

Love always,
Meant 2 Be

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


     Let's be honest. Sometimes Sacrament meeting is boring. Sometimes we doze or what not, because of it. However, this last Sunday, it was exactly what I needed! And I'm so thankful that I was able to focus and get the most out of it! One persons talk in particular really made me think.
     This guy just got home from his mission a few months ago and his talk was on desires. Long story short he talked about righteous verses wrong desires and challenged us to make a list of our desires. And I did that last night. And one of them was to 'live in the Celestial Kingdom!' And then from there comes what I learned!

     I feel like at my age, which is 18, and others just older than me, we are really taught to focus on the "now." Being single adults, this is when we are making the most important decisions that have life-long and eternal consequences. Such as, furthering our education, picking a major, and eventually an eternal companion. We are taught to really focus on those things, so we can make the best decision!
     But I propose that we change that! Perhaps, if we focus on where we want to end up at the end of our life, rather than what is going on at the moment, we can be much happier with our choices. For instances, picking a job now based merely on what will provide you with a paycheck the quickest, may not provide you the happiness you want throughout life. But if you chose your job because you want it to provide for a family and also allow you to raise a family, your choices are now more selfless and more Christ-like. Or when choosing a companion. You should decide by who is going to help you achieve the celestial kingdom, not just who is ready for marriage or who has the prettiest face haha!
     I just feel if we look at our choices as if they determine eternity, which they do, we'll be so much more careful about them! We'll seek Heavenly Fathers guidance more!

     I am very grateful for this time in my life, to be making huge choices and asking Heavenly Father what He wants for me! I love this church, it's warmth, it's spirit, it's hope and it's faith that it brings to me! Heavenly Father knows how to get us back to Him and will give us the answers we need, if we just ask!

Love always,
Choosing The Right