Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ofa Atu

This is gonna be short and simple!

I just wanted to point out my family and how great they are to me! Ever since my mother moved to Arizona I have just been all over the place from, Logan, Salt Lake, Draper, California, and now Springville with my awesome Aunt and Uncle who took me in!

I am just constantly being looked out for and cared for no matter what! My family is thee biggest blessing I have in my life! They are always there and I would be nothing without them!!

I always thought I was actually missing out a lot since my parents got a divorce right after I was born. I was raised by my mother and occasionally saw my dad growing up! So I thought I was, for lack of a better word, neglected by not having the 'ideal' family! But now as I'm growing up, I realize how truly blessed I really was and still am! I may not have had a very active Father in my life but I had the next best thing! I had Uncles that cared for me so deeply! Along with Aunts that took me under their wings! Not to mention my wonderful cousins who treated me like a sister!

I am so blessed to have the family that I have! We have our difficulties and our drama haha, but I wouldn't trade them for the world!!!

Ofa Atu,
Wolfgramm, Gerber, and Samples Girl :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

They Wouldn't Know

     Well I am back again!! This one will be shorter I think! I just had this weird experience last week and want to write about it for my gratitude post! If you think I'm physco... you're not alone haha! It was just a weird thing I observed!

     While driving with my aunt, uncle and baby cousin one very late night, I was day dreaming while stairing out the window. I hope I'm not the only one that does that! Well I looked at the moon and thought to myself, what would I do if it turned red right now. For those of you who aren't members of the LDS church, we believe that that will be a sign of Christ's Second Coming. So I thought, am I ready to meet Christ right now? Would I be okay with being judge right this very second? And it was very unsettling. I didn't feel ready at all. I haven't been to the temple, bore my testimony, or really even talked much about the gospel in a while. Yes I was going to church, and institute, and saying my prayers. But I didn't think I was really doing my best!
     So that was the first thing I learned on this drive! To really start doing better! Serve and sacrifice more because I want to be ready!!
     The other thing is what is kinda weird haha. So I started to think of the moon as the gospel. Like it's always there, people know about it, people know it will always be there, and so on. Then all of a sudden it was covered by clouds. And my mind started drifting off again like it was before to tv shows, boys, friends, parties, ect. And flashed back to the moon a while later and it was still gone! So I kinda made it into a life lesson... Sometimes non-members know about the church, but dont seek to know anything else really. And then one day it's gone or just not in front of them anymore and they dont even recognize that it is missing! They dont realize the difference because they never really appreciated it when it was there!
     I hope that makes sense! So this taught me to really tell people about the gospel. Not only for the obvious reasons of bring them to a knowledge of Christ and receiving all the blessings He has waiting for them. But so that when it's gone, and when it's dark... When life is too hard to bare, they wont be confused as to what to do, but can look to Christ and find strength.... They can see the light of the moon and be guided where to go!!
     I'm sure I sounded insane haha, but it was such a cool lesson that kept growing in my mind on this peaceful car trip! I have to thank my aunt and uncle for playing church music at the time or I may not have received such an awesome realization!!
     I am so blessed all the time! Constantly praying for understanding of His gospel is definitely happening! I challenge you to find symbols of the gospel all around you because I know they are there! It just takes some pondering to uncover them!!

Love always,
Crazily Inspired :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Doing Your Part

     Well looky here!! I am over half way done with this year, with only occasional slacking on my new years resolution! I think that is something to be very proud of :)!!! This blog has been amazing. I have to focus more now so I can have something wonderful to write about! I have to realize my blessings in order to count them and that has been thee biggest blessing of all!! When you can see how much you are really given on a daily basis, your mind set changes a bit! Mine has gone from a pretty selfish or just ignorant look on life, to a daily questioned life. And that question is, what have I done for Christ today? What have I done to prove to Him how thankful I am to know His gospel and what am I doing to bring this joy to others?!! Never thought I would've changed so much already :)!

     This week I wanted to share something really cool I learned. Well we were talking about doing our part in this gospel! How we all have something we need to contribute to keep this work progressing. And we learned that all the active members within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, would need to baptize 2,100 people personally, so that anyone who has ever lived and everyone left to live would receive the gospel! CRAZZZYYY! Right?
     Haha I thought, well that's impossible! But I thought about it in terms of Baptisms for the dead. And if I did 2,100 people who have already died as my part. So I got to calculating!.... If I went to the temple 4 times a month, baptizing 5 people each time, I would reach the goal in 2 years! Now 4 times a month is a stretch now since I am not really close to any temples, so if I said twice a month then it would just take me 4 years. And also, sometimes you baptize 10 people instead of 5! So honestly it really is possible for us to literally do our part to bring the gospel to everyone we need to!
     Now I dont expect myself to keep track, but it definitely is a huge goal of mine to go to the temple much more often now! I want to bring this truth and light to anyone and everyone I can! Also another reason I plan to serve a mission in 2 years when I am 21!!

     Well I have learned a lot over these last 6 months. I've enjoyed writing about them, explaining all that they really mean to me, and most importantly appling them into my life!! It's been an amazing journey! And I encourage you to keep even just a small gratitude journal weekly! Constant reflection on what Heavenly Father has done for you will strengthen you to do whatever He asks and with enough faith to know you can!

Love always,
25% Completed :)