Sunday, September 30, 2012

Forgiveness Flour


     We were given this story in my New Testament Institute class. We were reading in Matthew where Jesus teaches forgiveness. The following is a poem about forgiveness and it's amazing!!! It may take some rereading to fully understand, but my my my!! I LOVE IT!!!

by Marguerite Stewart

When I went to the door, at the whisper of knocking,
I saw Simeon Gantner's daughter, Kathleen, standing
There, in her shawl and her shame, sent to ask
"Forgiveness Flour" for her bread. "Forgiveness Flour,"
We call it in our corner. If one has erred, one
Is sent to ask for flour of his neighbors. If they loan it
To him, that means he can stay, but if they refuse, he had
Best take himself off. I looked at Kathleen . . .
What a jewel of a daughter, though not much like her
Father, more's the pity. "I'll give you flour," I
Said, and went to measure it. Measuring was the rub.
If I gave too much, neighbors would think I made sin
Easy, but if I gave too little, they would label me
"Close." While I stood measuring, Joel, my husband
Came in from the mill, a great bag of flour on his
Shoulder, and seeing her there, shrinking in the
Doorway, he tossed the bag at her feet. "Here, take
All of it." And so she had flour for many loaves,
While I stood measuring.

     AWESOME RIGHT?!!! The thought that forgiveness is given by giving flour. But that if you give too much, you're saying that it's okay to sin. And that if you give too little, you're being to judgemental! So as she stands there measuring, her husband tosses a huge bag of flour to the girl. Maybe knowing the true agony of asking for forgiveness! My doesn't that make you fell bad haha!! We must all be forgiving! Without strings attached!!!

Larry E. Dahl commented on this poem saying:
     "How often it seems,in our daily encounters with one another, we "stand measuring" rather than naturally and generously giving of our love and support and forgiveness. All of us, to one degree or another, stand at the door, in our shame, asking for forgiveness flour from our neighbors, anxiously hoping that they will somehow understand our need. And all of us, at other times, will be on the other side of the door with the flour to give to an errant neighbor.
     As we contemplate these shifting roles, perhaps we shoud also ponder a future time when all of us will stand at another door, the door of eternity, asking forgiveness flour of him who is the Bread of Life. He has made it clear that the measure of forgiveness flour we receive at that time will be a reflection of how we measured forgiveness flour to others throughout our lives."

     Amazing lesson in institute!!! I hope to never forget it!

Love always,
Flour Asker and Flour Giver

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Doing Good!

     Well good morning!!! This one will be short and sweet!

     I heard an amazing quote a couple years ago and thought I should stop keeping it all to myself and tell people... So here it is:


     Read that again... Righteousness ISN'T based on how much bad we DONT do!

     Hmm... That makes you think! Just because you didn't drink, or didnt do drugs, or didn't swear, or didn't whatever... That doesn't make you righteous. You cant count the bad things you didn't do and then say you're good! NO! Righteousness is based on the good that you do! You should be counting those and asking for more opportunities to do such righteousness!!

     It reminds me of the song, "Have I done any good in the world today, have I helped anyone in need? Have I cheered up the sad, or made someone feel glad? If not, I have failed indeed!"

    So yeah, short and sweet! Very happy to have learned that lesson. It has made me more aware of my actions and the hope to end every day, knowing that I have served my fellow man with some degree of righteousness!

Love always,
Have I Done Any Good?

Sunday, September 9, 2012


     According to this title, you may think I will be some critic on movies or something... On the contrary! I would like to express my love for movies... Church movies specifically!

     I am one of many people who refuse to see R rated movies. I know I know, I sound super lame! But I just dont see the point! Why pay money to see a movie that will load your mind with fiflth, that you cant get rid of? That sounds like a really really bad idea to me! And I dont even watch a lot of PG-13 movies for the same reason! Some may say that they couldn't tell that the PG-13 movie was going to be bad. But I disagree, for the most part you can totally tell that a movie, no matte what it's rating, is going to be sexually, pornographic, violent, or anyother discriptive word that would rot your mind.

     I had an experience with this just the other day. I heard about this movie from a friend and he said it was hysterical! I thought, alright, well if he'd see it, then it's gotta be a good one. I go and rent the movie from redbox that weekend and sit down to watch it. I put the movie in, start watching, and about 15 minutes into it, I'm really debating turning it off.

     Why you ask? It's not that the first part of the movie was awful, or really bad or anything like that... It just wasn't good. It was just suggestive in its humor, defiling important things like the family unit. I dont know! To me it seemed mean, rude, and wrong. To another it may seem harmless, but I couldn't watch it anymore. I turned it off, but it back in its case and returned it. Wasting $1.30 on it and didn't even blink!

     I'm grateful for the presence of the Holy Ghost as well as the absense of the Holy Ghost. With the presence I feel comforted, safe, and peaceful. The second it departs I feel lost, scared, or worried. The loss of the Spirit is what made me realize I should have been watching that movie. Yeah, nobody would have known, I was home alone in my room. Yeah it wasn't totally bad, it was only rated PG-13.... That's what the adversary wants you to think!! BUT remember, it's not worth it!!!!!!! It really isn't! What's the point??

     I'm glad I stopped that movie before I heard or saw things I could never erase from my mind. I'm grateful I am able to recognize the Spirit enought to know when it departs, and then realize why. I love my Heavenly Father and know there are things on this earth that would love to seperate us. But I wont let that happen!

Love always,
A Mind That Matters