Wednesday, October 31, 2012


     This week I am grateful for my church leaders especially! They are helping make my life so much easier, better and way more spiritual!

     We've been talking in institute a lot about entitlements. Like how someone can feel entitled to someone or something. We were asked to ponder about something we feel we justify even though we shouldnt.
      I hope that made sense.
      But my entitlement was anger. For those that know me, it really takes a lot to make me angry. I just stay bottled up inside until I explode... Not healthy!!! But I always feel entitled to anger. I'd say to myself, ya know, you never get angry. So it's okay to be mad now, they deserve it!
     Man was I wrong!! What makes me entitled to such a feeling??

     So this was really short and way random, but wanted to share. If you want, you should ponder about things your do that you feel you're entitled to feel. Then ponder all that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are entitled to, seeing as they created you. And yet they are constantly giving you the freedom to make choices, loving you and blessing you. Then decide to be better and become more like Christ!

     Sorry if that didn't make any sense!!

Love always,
Not Entitled

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