Sunday, October 7, 2012


     Well as many who have ears have heard... Haha the missionary age for young men and women have changed!!!!

     Young men can now leave at the age of 18, while young women can now leave at the age of 19!!!!!! Lucky for me I am already 19! We just found out yesterday and I already have a meeting with my bishop on Wednesday.

     Now to all you doubters who think I am just doing this because I can! Think again!!!! I have wanted to serve a mission since I was 16! My cousin Vanessa had just gotten home from her mission in Brazil! Next to go was my cousin Tina, who was called to Chile!! I knew I was meant to serve as well! I had told all my friends and family! I would wait till I was 21 and then go on a mission!

     My friends made fun of me a ton saying I would be antient by the time I'd get home! And making fun because I wouldn't date anyone who was an Return Missionary, because they are looking for a wife! And I cant get married haha!!

     I thought I still had another year and a half before I could get my papers! And 2 more years till I'd be outta here, serving a full time mission for my Heavenly Father!! But NO!! The time is already at hand and my my is it great timing! I had been saving money for a Humanitarian trip this summer to Fiji!! And was also about to sign a contract till March for an apartment!!!! Now that things have taken a 180 I no longer will sign the contract and continue living with my WONDERFUL aunt and uncle who allow me free rent, so I can keep saving!! AND will no longer go on my Humanitarian trip because that money needs to go towards my mission!!!

     Can you say perfect timing??? I think so!!!!

     Sorry this is all over the place!! I am just freaking out!!! Hopefully I can have my call before Christmas and be gone!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!!! I'll keep you updated!!

Love always,

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