Sunday, October 28, 2012

Unless You Let It In

     Today I wanted to share a great poem I'm sure many have heard! It's one that teaches me so much and makes me feel the spirit because of how true it is. I think of Christ and how He is trying to teach me something with this poem. I think of all of His children, and how He wishes they could hear it and understand that we have our agency. And that it means a lot more than you might think.
     So without further delay...

     All the Water in the World, By Jack M Lyon.

All the water in the world,
However hard it tried,
Could never sink the smallest ship
Unless it [gets] inside.
And all the evil in the world,
The blackest kind of sin,
Can never hurt you the least bit
Unless you let it in.
     We must remember brothers and sisters that it is our choice to sin. We could be strong and not let it inside us, but sometimes we aren't that strong. Our Heavenly Father knew that. He knew that sometimes our ships would get leaky and that we would be tossed over board. So he provided a way to seal and patch up every single whole, every single thing that needed repair could be completed resolved! That was the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He died for me. He died so I could repair the holes in my sinking ship, because they were inevitable.
     I know that my ship is still a float because of Christ and what He did for me! I have to thank my Heavenly Father for creating this entire plan and helping me everyday of my life become better, repair my leaky ship, and continue on in the hopes of being more and more like Him. So that I can hopefully one day live through all eternity with Him!!
     I love this gospel and know that it's true!! Please study it out for yourselves and come to know of the joy that it has brought me! You can have so much more peace in this life, hope in the next, and direction through it all! I love my Savior and my Father in Heaven! This church is true people, and I pray you'll study it, accept it, and go to the rescue yourselves, to all those without this light in their lives!
Love always,
Ship Samples

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