Sunday, November 11, 2012

D&C 100:6

     Holy cow!!! This week I am super thankful for institute! I am learning so much and my mind is somehow being able to take it all in, along with all the school junk that has to be slammed into my brain as well!
     Some exciting news to share!!! MY MISSION PAPERS ARE IN!!!!!! Last Sunday I saw my Stake President and he told me he'd submit my papers to church headquarters that day!!! AMAZING!!!! So the call should be here in about a week! I'll be sure to write all about it for my next entry and let ya know where I'll be serving the Lord for 18 months!!

     So in preparing for the mission I am in the temple prep class for Sunday school! It has been thee most amazing class and I feel like I am learning so much!! Last week we were taught about qualifications for the temple. Why we have to be worthy, what it means to be worthy, how to become worthy, ect...
    Our teacher used a great analogy! He said that going to church, fulfilling callings, going to seminary, and mutual was all like Elementary, Middle and High School things. They are really just there to prepare you for the University, or the Temple!! It completely relates in the sense that you cant skip any of those, you might be able to skip little grades, but definitely not the whole step. Also along with the thought that everything you learn in the younger grades is exactly what you learn in the higher grades. The only difference is that it is more in depth, with more information, but the same stuff!
     So since the majority of my family aren't members or aren't active, what could I do to help explain the reasons why they aren't allowed in the temple. My teacher was totally inspired! He said, well it's not that Heavenly Father doesn't love them! That's not it at all. He does love them and want them in his home as much as possible. However, there are a lot of reasons why someone cannot enter into his home. First off, within the temple you gain further knowledge about principles taught at church. If you are unwilling to go to church or dont like it, you wont like the temple. Another, going to church strengthens and grows your spirit. By not doing so, it shrinks. Therefore your spirit wouldn't be able to comprehend things within the temple because it hasn't grown enough, nor become strong enough. (He listed someother things, but these are just the ones I liked the most.)   
     I hope that made sense. Another thing I thought of was just the fact that the Savior, Jesus Christ has walked the halls of His home. If you were unworthy you wouldn't want to be there. You'd want to be clean in His presense wouldn't you? It's the same thing!

     So that's my thoughts on it anyway! If you have questions, feel free to ask!!
     I love this gospel and the peace is brings to me! I'm very excited to be found worthy of a temple recommend and covenant with my Father in Heaven. That I will keep His commandments, do what He would do if He were here and love everyone like He would love them!!! This gospel is true! It's what He needs His children to know and understand in order to come back to Him!!! I cant wait to serve a mission for Him!

Love always,

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