Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day of Giving Thanks

     I'm sure you were all expecting this entry, but I would be ungrateful to NOT have a post about Thanksgiving! It's the real start to the holiday seasons in my opinion. The family traditions, recipes and jokes come out! It's the greatest time of year!!

     So a few years ago in Seminary we were challenged by our teacher to create a gratitude list of 100 things we are grateful for! Now at first glance that seems somewhat challenging, but do able. However, he also challenged us to be as specific as possible. Now that made it easier. Because instead of being grateful for my family, I can say I'm grateful for my mom, my dad, my sister, etc...!
     I'm sure he noticed how that made the challenge easier for us. So he then promised that if we would truly be sincere in our gratitude, think of why we are grateful for each and every item, and then pray to our Heavenly Father with the list in hand, we would have a better holiday season. Seemed like a great thing to do the night before Thanksgiving and so I did!
     My list began with the common things such as, family, friends, technology, transportation, the church, my testimony, the covenants I've made, opportunities given to me, my education, my future, and so forth. Sadly, once I got to around 40 I believe, it became harder... I didn't want to foolishly write down things just to fill the space. I really wanted to have a list of things I really was grateful for! After sitting for a good while, pondering what I had written and what I was missing, thoughts just started flowing. Slowly but surely I was being reminded of so many blessings. Such as, being raised in the great state of Utah, having the culture that I do, having so many temples near by, being able to be an example to my family and friends, having food so easily available 24/7, never going hungry, safety, having a wonderful working car, a warm bed, enjoying the beauty of all 4 seasons, my health, my youth, the clothes on my back, the support around me, the gospel around me, love all over the place, examples all over the place! Sheesh the list cannot stop!!!
     It was the greatest thing ever to have filled out that list and then some with honest items I felt so grateful for. I love the holiday seasons so much! Its always filled with love, humility, gratitude, and service!

     I challenge you all to create a gratitude list of 100 items as well! Once you have felt you have completed it with honesty in every word, pray to your Heavenly Father and read it off one by one. You're eyes will be opened to all you've been given and man is it a humbling experience!
     I love you all and wish you a very safe and loving holiday season!

Love always,
Attitude of Gratitude


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