Thursday, December 13, 2012

Missionary Reminders

     HOLY COW!!! This is my second to last entry for the year! I cant believe I kept my new years resolution to have this gratitude blog! It seriously has been thee best thing I've done. I cant tell you how many times I've looked back at my entries just to remember how blessed I truly am! This year has been so amazing, memorable, shocking and fantastic. I'm so glad I was able to record some of my favorite blessings!
      As I start my second to last entry, I want to say how grateful I am for Missionary Work!! It literally is the life blood of the church and am so glad so many people sacrifice to keep it going. I think of all those who have served a full time mission and those who are missionaries everyday! They are making a difference! And I cannot wait to be able to serve! Exactly 2 months left from today!! I CANNOT WAIT!!

     So my entry today is a great one! My grandparents gave me a book called, "A Little Book of Missionary Reminders" by Mark W. Newman! It has over 400 instructions, suggestions or observations for being a great missionary! I thought I'd use this entry to tell you some of them! Now some are hilarious, but some are seriously prophetic!
#6-After opening your call, write a brief letter to yourself and seal it. 3 Months into your mission, read the letter to remind you of your eagerness to serve.
#18-Remember that companions are just Siamese twins joined at the Spirit.
#33-Take photos of the common, everyday scenes from each area (laundromat, supermarket, apartment).
#40-When your companion gets transfered, make sure you claim the apartments best mattress and blankets.
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST... It's definitely my favorite!
#90-When a big dog chases you, remember you only have to outrun your companion, not the dog.
     That just barely scratches the surface! There are so many other tips that are amazing and funny! I know for sure they'll come in handy. I've already done the "Letter to Self for encouragement." I'm very grateful to be able to turn to that in the future for a reminder of how excited I am, even though it'll be hard! I'm so grateful for my wonderful inspired grandparents who thought to give me this book! I love them and love this book!

     And I feel I must end this entry a bit different since it's almost my last one... I just have to tell anyone and everyone who reads this how true this church is! It's amazing to me that I'll be given the opportunity to teach others about it. That I can be an instrument and declare truth to those around me. I seriously could not be more excited!!
     I'm so beyond grateful for the examples I've had around me my entire life. I feel their strength as I prepare to serve. I'm so grateful for my knowledge of this gospel, for all that it means and represents! I hope all will come to know of the truth for themselves!

Love always,
Sister Samples :)

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