Sunday, December 2, 2012


     FINALLY DECEMBER IS HERE!! The month I wait all year for! Honestly, nothing is better than Christmas time! May we all remember what Christmas is really about! That we can really prioritize and remember what is most important! This time only comes once a year! So spend your time wisely and with those you love!!

     I think this entry will be short! But I thought I'd share with you a challenge I gave myself. When the announcement came out I knew right away I was going to be going on a mission a lot earlier than before planned. Many of you know that I'd always planned on a mission, but thought it was still so far away. So as the events transpired, I realized I needed to get intune with the spirit and be sure this is what I am suppose to do!
     In my efforts to find an answer I realized I shouldn't listen to any more non-church music, so as to not offend the spirit. Not that I listened to bad music by any means, it just didn't exactly invite the spirit. So I only listened to a certain cd with church music on it!
     I received my answer a bit later and confirmed to me what I thought as well. It was the greatest :)!! But then as I started to prepare to really serve now by filling out my papers and such, I tried to transition back toward my old music. And in so doing felt so guilty for some reason! It seemed so odd! And after a lot of praying about it, I realized that there was nothing for me right now in my old kind of music! That this new change I had made had helped my life in more ways than I noticed. And to prepare for such a hard work, I should be starting those good changes now to help me.
     So long story short, from then on I do not want to listen and will not listen to anything besides church music! It really has been so great!!! Dont think my life stinks or anything, I've become so much happier and just smilier... If that's a word! I get church songs stuck in my head, I mean what's greater than that!!
     So incase any of you feel like you need an added measure of the spirit in your life, go listen to Pandora and choose the station LDS HYMNS OF WORSHIP! Super modern church songs that help your stressful day SO much!!

Here is the link to one of my FAVORITE church songs of ALL TIME!!
"I Can Only Imagine" by MercyMe! Do enjoy :)

Love always,
Tuned In ;)

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